About B

Hi there!

A little intro:
1. I prefer chopsticks to forks.
2. My favorite sweet treat is a dark chocolate espresso French macaron. Paired with strictly mint tea.
3. Hot baths and crisp fruity drinks go perfect together.
4. Nerds in square, fat, black glasses... sexy.
5. I am in love with vintage, adorable, tiny things.
6. My cherished romantic prize is a Victorian writing desk (complete with letter press pockets! *swoon*)

 Aside from the food accounting, I love adorable graphics to add visual pleasure to the day. I try to vary my musing style posts, but I tend to write whatever I feel like. You are forewarned that I do spend a lot of focus on Foodland. Recipe, discovery, experiment. Ad lib. That's what your signing up for. Plus my life story. ;) Enjoy and please {please} write us a little something in the comments? Thank you!

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