Friday, September 16, 2011

Inspirational Plans & Featured Treats

I don't know about you, but sometimes I need inspiration with this whole meal-planning thing. I am trying to eat the good stuff and not cave. I know I need to be practical and not plan to cook all that often. My largest beef (heh, vegetarian) right now is the allergy diet, but I think some other things come up too for us single ladies. What about single servings, right?

Well, I refuse to leave you hanging there. Recipe round up of all things that looked tasty today:

Kaitlyn @ The Tye Dye Files presents us: Single Serve BAH-mazing!

 {gah! just look at this! perfect breakfast idea or what? and yeah, I did make up the corny name. sorry}

I found a single+ serving vegan Pumpkin Bread @ Hungry Hungry Hippie:

{just look at this dense mess. oh moma! more than a single serve, but we can manage...}

I suppose you may be wondering what else I eat beyond breakfast and snacks when I'm "planning" out my culinary life? Well, I eat real food too. Like this!

Diet, Dessert, and Dogs offers fantastic food in general. I prefer a modified version of her French Green Soup recipe. Just leave out the end part with lemon juice, almond milk, etc. and I bet you never knew greens could taste so hearty and amazing. Ricki is quite the genius.

Vegetarian Times. Quinoa Stuffed Peppers. Fabulous professional (VT) photos. Cannot resist!
{this works so well when you want to make something fresh and hot and yeahhh for dinner}

One thing I think is most motivating when meal planning is the spontaneous snack! I mean, who eats like a robot? Sure sure, there are little kicks we get into (*cough* beans and rice *cough* story of my diet) but eventually we are on the prowl for new discoveries! Right?

Here is the last little photo sharing moment. A trail off the beaten path.

{rice cakes happen to be inspired by the Sweet Tooth Runner - I really want to try these!}

There you have it. Live evidence that the sweeter life contains rice cakes. And no, I have no idea if I will like them. I'm still willing to gamble it anyway! :D

Is there anything you have found a worthy gamble? Do you even meal plan? Maybe I'm just nerdy...


*images: all images belong to the blog linked to except beyonce, the green soup & rice cakes

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  1. Ah, now that the link works, I get to see your lovely list and that I was included! Thanks so much for mentioning the green soup. I'm going to try it your way next time! (and love that banana--yum!) :D


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