Saturday, September 17, 2011

From Whole Foods to Your Door

Reunited girls! I am reunited! My favorite nut butter of all time is Maple Almond Butter by Justin's and oh. my. gracious. if I am not thrilled to have my own little snack-pack stash! Check it out:

Now, there is a bit of an embarrassing story to go with this. I must have been a little dyslexic this morning, because I thought the snack pack sale (4 for $5) was cheaper than getting a box of 10 for $9.99. Yeah... I asked the guy at the cash register if I could get the "deal" price and only pay $8 (thinking dyslexic: $4 for 5). Wrong.

He kindly helped me realize the difference and then offered me the 10% discount for buying the box. How awesome (even though I felt soo stupid)!

{need. more. mental math. doh!}

As I mentioned last post, I am SUPER excited to try out rice cakes and after looking at my options in the store, I decided the best way to go was the sweet way...

{Nice huh? I also found some ELIM DIET FRIENDLY bars on sale! whoop}

These Boom bars look marvelous and one even has 8g of protein! A kick in the butt for Larabar, though a few more calories I guess in comparison. Now to see if these can hold water in the flavor test (are you a skeptic? me too. Lara is incredible.)

After grocery shenanigans, I did something really cool today. I think you all should try it out kind of cool. You do not need to use my method, but I find that walking on a treadmill gives me a million ideas. Perhaps that would be the boredom... or maybe the giant glass windows for city watching!
 {I wrote out a bunch of dreams! To plan on! Yippee!!!}

I promise all the elementary school teachers out there that my handwriting is not that crappy. I was not drunk either. Walking and writing is just a little tough on the penmanship. The rest of the dream goals are on the other side of the sheet because big sloppy handwriting can do that to a girl. Work it.

So I dare you. To write it all out. Let it all hang out. Be courageous about it. 3 year goals/1 year/this month/whatever. Will you share? I'll tell you mine...

*images: nerd

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