Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Life Update

Still eating those dates and imagining them as donuts. No lie.

Seriously, has anyone tried them yet? I cannot get enough of them. I really can't. :) It may be that I worked out my muscles today and needed to replenish some body with some sugar. But I think the dates themselves work well enough attracting my taste buds.

My taste buds do the happy dance. Often. Hee hee.

I finally made an appointment today with my naturopath! Oh my gracious I felt so much frustration when I learned my school schedule conflicts with their office hours. I mean, when can a girl get in to end the worst diet ever??? (Well, technically best diet ever for you, but pah! Still nuts to continue on.) Apparently Monday will be the day of reckoning. Perhaps you have experienced what I did: after a few rounds of phone tag (where messages are left with no human connection on the horizon), you finally manage to call at an odd hour and catch the receptionist, only to find that you will still have to wait longer than you thought *cough* wanted *cough*.

Meh. I should be glad it will be on Monday. I just really want to have oatmeal or chocolate or caffeine back in my life! Dark chocolate, my soul calls out for you.

After all, nice hot coffee flavored goodness paired with a little bit of chocolate cures everything. Right now, I am experiencing allergies for the very first time. It is like a drippy nose cold, but you cannot sneeze for some reason. That, and the throat feels something peculiar. Dry and sore-like. Now I understand better why so many people dread "allergy season." This is gross.

If I were a cute little teddy bear, I think I would prefer not to have my face stabbed with a giant pink fake-o-meter. Messes up the fur.

Tomorrow is my first midterm. I think I will do really well and on that note, I am off to finish my studies and sleep really well!


*images: eat heart out, starbucks, teddy bear

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