Tuesday, September 13, 2011

procrastination and DATES

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the perfect date...

Not this kind either! I am talking about a fabulous sugary treat to make your world a lovely place. Now I understand the craze.

Wrinkly, but delicious and sugary gems. I kid not. 6 of these for only 110 calories. Tonight, I tried to savor them bit by bit to leave as much room for experimenting as possible! I dipped them in carob to see if the chocolate-y flavor would work right. I would say a fair start. I would caution that I have been using carob a lot lately, so I may be biased in my taste buds.

What I really wanted to test was the cashew-in-the-date trick I've read about in Foodland. Well, it looked something like this:

I used cashews and it tasted something like this...

Happy thoughts all around. I loved it.

While others may suggest putting nut butter inside, I disagree. For those who find nut butters addictive like a bottomless pit, a single salty nut stuffed into a date really does the trick. Personally, I like the snap of the cashew! Mmm.

Try anything once and enjoy the perfect dates, lovelies! I'll bet you this one is a keeper! ;)

This post really is procrastination. My exam on Thursday seems easy enough, and I feel strangely unmotivated to stay up and study more. Hrmm. Dilemma, dilemma... what do you do when you do not feel motivated?


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