Sunday, September 18, 2011

Little Prince

Lovebugs, I am thrilled for having an appointment tomorrow (summon the happy dancing)...BUT

{does anyone else wish they could dance so carefree too?}

I am also a little scared. I cannot help it. What if the doc tells me I cannot eat chocolate or coffee or dairy for a super long time? What happens when I tell him all the crazy cravings & happenings from my food diary? I feel really torn between relief that some part of this will be over and then again that some part of this may have to continue. (there- I typed it)

{i ♥ the Little Prince.}

I miss oats. I miss corn, tomatoes, mushrooms, chili powder and curry! Bread would be nice, but I can live off of macarons if the need arises. :) Hee hee.

{nom nom nom}

Even though I want to eat it all, I noticed some good things. Not eating some of the spices, potatoes, and other random vegetables has really helped my joints. No more aching lower back, no more painfully tender knees, no more onset of rheumatoid arthritis as far as can tell. Does this mean I need to be a caged animal, tied to a boring diet just to live without that pain??? Bahhhh. 

I would generally turn to chocolate at times like these, but no sauce. Instead, I turn toooooooo

{happy thoughts never hurt a body}

♥ cute

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