Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Ideas

I'm changing the blog up! Sometimes, the color just seems drab and I do not think the text is legible with the background color anyway. After all the maneuvering to make this work, it just is not cutting it. Back to the drawing board!

Hunting around for graphics, header ideas and whatnot, I came across lots of cute cute cute ness I really thought it would be fun to share:

{did anyone else covet Chupa Chups when they were little???}

{awwwww he's trying to release the bubbles!}

{I want to go draw tiny faces on m&ms now... if only I could eat them :( meh}

Today I enjoyed a tiny drink of summer and fall. The calories are tiny too. If you like the spices of pumpkin pie, apple cider, and all that lies between, it will likely be a hit! Hoorah for skinny indulgence!


PS- I am at work on finding a cute camera that will capture images much more efficiently. Soon, I will have better pictures to show for it. :) I'll also be able to eat more & experiment in the kitchen... (joy! rapture! wink)

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