Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tips & Treats for Allergy Testers (sans nut allergies)

While removing the allergic foods from your bod, there is a rather large list of no-nos. Generally, the no-nos are favorites because when you are allergic, you love them. The body loves to eat what it loves to fight apparently.

Some tasty items you can enjoy instead...
{for those of us in the thick of it!}

Note that these are not the only okay flavors, but I happened to LOVE these in particular. Unlike me, a few of you might be able to have certain foods {sugar alcohols, certain spices, caffeinated products...} My doc said no. A heavy detox instead. BOO.

What about a tasty recipe treat though? Packaged is nice, but you might want something homemade. Something to remind you that summer is going away and fall is here.
May I present:

Le Petite Pumpkin Cider Charmeur 
{I made it fancy just because.}

You Need...

Directions: Combine in a blender and serve!

This skinny indulgence rounds out to 130 calories per cup. Be prepared to double the amounts if you need a serious beverage (thinking breakfast, what have you). For those avoiding sugar, I used a So Delicious Sugar Free Coconut Milk. {Most alternative milks use a LOT of sugar in them.} I was surprised. Regular milk does not need sugar so...? Beats me. Still delicious.

Well, I am off to search for a cheap foodie camera on the internet and I have a question for you all out there: Have you seen the Help? It looks pretty good to me, but I was curious about anyone's opinions on it. Like... chick flick? Inspirational maybe? Let me know.


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