Monday, September 12, 2011


Been thinking about the future a lot lately. Perhaps some of you too maybe.

Sometimes I feel like I just want to wish on a star because it requires less work and sounds more beautiful, but I realize hard work goes into happy endings. What is my happy ending though?

Having career aspirations, I wonder if I will resort to the life of a pirate: run my own ship solo.

Perhaps I will meet the best friend of my life.

Will I live in a giant city? I would really like to find somewhere I can drive home at night and find, every once in a while, beauty in the darkness.

I suppose life will tell me. Until then, I am just a girl listening to thunder in her room. Typing and wishing macarons were manifest... and legal.

{Of coarse, mine would be speckled espresso flavor or bright green mint with dark chocolate chips!}

Any wanderings about the future out there? Quotes or guides to live by? Pipe up and shareeee? :)


*images: stars, pirate, friends, bench, sign, typewriter

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